Lending Acres LLC values your privacy. Please read the following information about how we handle your information.


Web Hosting may collect your IP address, browser type and operating system on each visit to every page on this site on our behalf. This information is used ONLY for internal statistic tracking purposes and is never shared with other entities outside Lending Acres LLC unless required by law enforcement. Your name and other information is NOT collected unless you specifically provide it.


Lending Acres LLC does not send bulk e-mail messages, or 'Spam'. We only communicate with our current clients, current vendors, current business partners, insurance carriers or other parties that have an interest in becoming clients or business partners. We will, on occasion, send all of our clients a group e-mail when special offers, price changes, software updates or important issues arise. If you believe you have received bulk e-mail from us or have received a suspicious e-mail that appears to be fraudulent, please contact us so that we can investigate the matter.

All e-mail messages received from our clients and business partners are kept completely confidential and are never shared with parties outside of Lending Acres LLC without your express permission unless required by law enforcement.

If you do not wish to receive further e-mail communications from us, send us an e-mail request. We do not have an automated mail-list system because we send all of our e-mails manually.